Money To Burn

Monday, Jan 21st, 2013
I want to start this article with two very important things to remember.

First, money management is the most important thing to consider when gambling at any game. If you can't walk away when you are ahead, or if you try to recoup your losses, you will probably never be a winner. One of the hardest things to do, is when you are hitting and have accrued a winning status, you too often think that the next spin could be the Big One. I have watched more credits disappear this way than increase. So, try to always cash out when you still have some credits showing. The second most important thing, is to always join a slot club. You will lose money while playing, but you will get room offers, meals offers and money on the books.

My favorite slot machines are, and always have been, the multi-coin, multi-video types. So this time, I will start by reviewing two of the newer ones that are on the casino floors.

"Money to Burn" manufactured by Williams/WMS Gaming (manufacturers of Reel 'em In) is new on the casino floors. The game is a nine-line multi-coin, with a second screen bonus round. The game I played was a quarter denomination. However, they are also available in nickel, dime and dollar denominations. The average hit frequency is every 1-2 spins. I must say, that this video slot machine does live up to my expectations as a fun game. Not only is there a second screen, there also is a bonus paid when a Fireman's helmet, jacket and boot symbol land in sequential order on an active pay line.

The second screen is a hoot! When you line up three or more fire alarm bells, the second screen is triggered. A burning three story building appears with six windows on each floor showing animated flames. Three fire Trucks are on the bottom of the screen. The player is instructed to pick a Fire Truck which corresponds to one of the burning floors of the building. The player is then instructed to pick three flames by touching them. Each flames reveals a multiplier amount, however, one flame is a fire extinguisher, if this is picked, you get all the multipliers on that floor. The hits are frequent to keep you going between the second screen round and the payback is one of the best that I have encountered in some of the newer video slot machines. Also, the sound effects are great, with fire engine sirens of course, as the main sound. I feel this game is well worth playing and anyone who likes video slots should give this one a try.

Now, I also tried another new multi-line, multi-coin video slot. Cleopatra is also new on the casino floor. IGT manufactured this slot and payback range is 87% to 97% according to the reviews I read. I don't know where these percentages fit in to the four machines I tried. The line version quarter machines which I played had a hit frequency of one hit every twenty spins. There is not a second screen on this machines, however, there a free spin bonus round for hitting more than three Flaming Sphinx's. I can't say how well this would do, since after playing four machines and investing $100 in each, I never got the free spin bonus. The hit frequency is not high, but they do advertise a chance for big money when the free spin occurs. However, for my money, I think I'll stay away from this game until its broken in. Maybe the hit frequency will improve at a later date, but if you are looking to have a winning time I would stay away from this one for now.

If you have any comments, or would like me to review any of your favorite games, just let me know. After all I didn't get my name "Happy Slots" for nothing.

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